Jewelry Making Process

Del Este Jewelry Making Process
The Sketch
Each piece is first an inspired idea which then becomes a sketch.  It may take a few sketches to get the right one and it is during this process that we decide on the sizing and materials that will be used.
The Design
Once the sketch is finalized, our skilled artists create a 3D rendering of what the finished jewelry piece.
The Model
After the design is finalized, a wax model of the finished piece is printed. 
The Casting
The next step is casting the finished piece. Liquid gold is poured into the model. The casting machine begins to spin at a high frequency creating pressure that allows the metal to fill the model. Once this model is filled, it is then cut from the metal casting.
The Soldering
Next, our skilled artisans will solder the chain and closures to finalize the piece.
The Polishing and Finishing
Once the piece is put together, it is cleaned and given the proper finishing touches. Many Del Este designs are satin-finished.
The Setting
On “Diamante Del Este” pieces, the diamonds are now set.
Quality Control
        Lastly, all pieces are inspected to ensure every detail is made to precision and to certify top quality for each finished jewelry item.
        We then place the finished piece in our beautiful Del Este boxes and they are ready to be shipped over to a new home!
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